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Call for Proposals

BlogTalk 2.0  The European Weblog Conference

The conference will be held in Vienna, Austria, Europe, in July 2004.

Weblogs represent diverse cultures, techniques and tools of an emerging networked society. Following the international success of BlogTalk 1.0, Blogtalk 2.0 is designed to maintain a sustainable dialog between developers, innovative scholars who study blogging, users in corporate and educational settings, and the general community of bloggers.
BlogTalk 2.0 plans for two days to meet, discuss and exchange research, experiences, opinions, software developments, and tools of the blogosphere.

This call is directed towards developers, scholars and the overall community of bloggers.

Papers submitted for this conference should be concerned with blogs as an arena of exchange: the exchange of ideas, opinions and information as well as dreams, visions and knowledge.  Addressing the topic of exchange contributors may consider strategies, consequences and benefits as well as rhetoric and aesthetics.

Possible topics:

Please submit a proposal (not more than 500 words) in RTF including:

Author's first and last names
Affiliations (country and name of institution or company)
Email address
Telephone number
Title of the paper

Submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by the steering committee. Please send your submission to call[at]blogtalk[dot]net. You will receive a confirmation of our receiving your submission within 3 working days.

Submission deadline is the 03/17/2004.
Length: not more than 500 words

Timeline and important Dates:

Proposal submission deadline: 03/17/2004
Notification of acceptance or rejection: 4/07/2004
Paper version due: coming up
Presentations and abstracts on website due: coming up

We will work hard to endow a fund for supporting travel costs. As soon as we review all of the papers we will be able to announce more details.

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