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The conference will be held in Vienna, Austria in July 2004 (more details coming soon).

BlogTalk 2.0 is designed to initiate a dialog between bloggers, developers, researchers and others who share, enjoy and analyse the benefits of blogging. The focus is on weblogs as an expression of a culture that is based on the exchange of information, ideas and knowledge.  In the spirit of the free exchange of opinions, links and thoughts we wish to engage a wide range of participants from the blogosphere in this discourse.

BlogTalk 2.0 will be two days of meetings, discussions, and exchanges of research, with attendees sharing their experiences, opinions, software developments, and tools for the blogosphere.

- We invite developers to discuss the technological developments that are designed to improve the utilisation of weblogs, as well as reporting about the current state of their software and projects. This will include new weblog-applications and tools, client-server designs, GUIs, APIs, Plugins, XML, RSS-strategies, devices and applications for mobile-blogging and many more.

Researchers are asked to focus on their visions and interdisciplinary concepts explaining the weblog phenomenon including, but not limited to, viewpoints from social sciences, cultural studies, psychology, education and natural sciences.

Experienced bloggers will talk about the practical use of weblogging in a professional context, around topics such as internal communication improvement, easy to use knowledge management, the PR potential of weblogs, weblogs in politics, weblogs and journalism, blogging as a lifestyle, etc.

We would like to bring together individuals and groups that are pushing the weblog movement forward, and invite any and all who are interested in these new and exciting developments in our networked society.

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