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Mark Bernstein

Mark Bernstein Mark Bernstein is chief scientist at Eastgate Systems, Inc, the firm which has pioneered literary hypertext and hypertext writing tools since 1982. His most recent project, Tinderbox, assists researchers, analysts, and and writers to create and analyze notes and to share them through densely interlinked weblogs. A graduate of Swarthmore College, Bernstein received his Ph.D. from Harvard University.
Weblog: www.markbernstein.org

The Social Physics of New Weblog Technologies
The primitive form of the weblog -- a long, scrolling list backed by a rarely-consulted chronological archive -- offered interaction and community only through the constant interplay of blogrolls and of new links among weblogs. Familiar features and pathologies of the blogosphere can be traced to the affordances and constraints of this structure. More recently, however, weblogs have turned toward richer and more expressive internal, community, and external structures. Tinderbox, Channel Z, and Moveable Type have each sought distinct solutions to finding utility and meaning in the archives, and to promoting richer, more intelligible, and more intelligent linking between weblogs. At the same time, innovations in form (photoblogs, vogs), medium (RSS and Atom), and genre (fictitious blogs, web shrines, commercial weblogs) are radically and permanently changing, and improving, the blogosphere.

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