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Daniel Dögl

Daniel Dögl Daniel Dögl began to study architecture in 1991, where he soon focused on architectural visualization and the early developments of the WWW. When in 1994 his brother founded the company uma information technology AG (at that time "virtual real-estate") for architectural visualization, he started to lead the technical developments for the company. After a series of ground breaking projects in the area of Web3d, uma started to focus on information visualization, knowledge management and knowledge mediation. Daniel Dögl supervised the development of the Multi Media Lab of the Zoom Kindermuseum for which the company won the Austrian National Award for Innovation in 2002. Currently he leads research activities in the "semantic web" area to enhance umas flagship product Melvil(R), an innovative semantic search product.

Zoomblox - A Universe Of Topics From Children For Children
The Austrian blogging Site �Zoomblox� is going live later this year and it is exclusively dedicated to be used by children. Instead of passive consumption of pre-produced content children should become actively involved in the control of the website content themselves. To solve this problem the idea came up to realize the project based on weblogs. The ease of use of existing blogging solutions already was striking, but to be used by children it was felt that the site had to be even simpler at one hand, and on the other hand much more lively and graphically animating. The concept evolves around the idea of a topic- and knowledge Universe created by children, where the focus is intentionally set on the presentation of topics rather then the individual author. Besides the front-end features directed towards the children, special care has to be taken to allow the moderation of the whole content. To enable this, certain monitoring mechanisms have to be available, and a well designed process has to be installed, that allows for smooth but effective moderation of the content. Technically �Zoomblox� is realized by adapting, extending and modifying the open source project �Roller Weblogger�, a java based blogging software. To allow for the lively and graphically appealing user interface most of the front-end is replaced by interactive flash-movies, multi-user blogging is enabled and a closed internal messaging system supports the exchange of ideas and knowledge between the young authors. The best blogs are rated by the visitors and are featured in a special section. Overall �Zoomblox� is meant to be �the sandbox� in the world wide web for the community of our youngest content authors who are given a forum to voice their ideas and thoughts about a plethora of diverse topics.


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