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Adam Javurek / Martin Kopta / David Bures / Denisa Kera

Denisa KeraDenisa Kera from Czech Republic, born in 1974. Master degree in Philosophy from the Charles University in Prague, 1999. Research topic on new media and continental philosophy. Currently working as a research assistant  for New Media Studies in Prague. Finishing a Ph.D. dissertation about the performativity in language and computer codes. Articles, critics, reviews and reportages about new media and art in many Czech print and electronic
Weblog: http://uisk.jinonice.cuni.cz/kera/
Adam Javurek, Czech Republic, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social sciences, Institute of communication studies and journalism, Master degree student, Editor in chief of Mediar,  Editor of HIS Voice and Musicpage.cz
Weblog: http://blog.vozovna.cz/
Martin Kopta, Czech Republic, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education,
Master degree student,  Editor of Lupa.cz, Member of the Academic Senat of Charles Univ.
David Bures, Czech Republic, Freelance journalist and IT professional
Weblog: http://www.websky.cz/archiv/2004

The State of Linking in the Czech Blogosphere
(cooperative project of three Czech university institutions and the local media)

The Czech Blogosphere dramatically increased in the year 2003 due to the emergence of free Czech weblog services (Bloguje.cz, Lide.cz, Brouzdej.cz, and Pooh.cz). There are more than 5000 weblogs on the Czech internet and some 1000 of them are very active.
In our presentation we will summarize the evolution and the state of the Czech blogosphere offering quantitative and a qualitative analyses of the Czech weblog scene. We use custom made algorithms and periodically analyze the access logs of a selected number of Czech weblogs. We also use a weblog census done on the Czech weblog services.
The gathered data show the linking �politics� and structure of the Czech blogosphere as well as our local routes of memes and the general dynamics of information infections. We want to concentrate on the proportion issues:  the ratio between links from official media, search engines, and links from other weblogs (especially links inside a given blogging system - service). We also want to monitor the ratio between on line and off line news readers. Our goal is to identify the links �that rule� in different types of weblogs and offer a methodology of research based on these proportion issues.
The �link structure and politics� of the Czech weblogs can offer interesting data and information for comparison with other countries and regions. We hope that our method identifies some global as well as local trends and phenomena that we will document on concrete examples of interesting Czech weblogs.

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