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Jörg Kantel

Jörg Kantel Last year's keynoter Jörg Kantel is one of the most well-known linchpins of the Blogosphere. His main Weblog "Der Schockwellenreiter" is somehow the embodiment of Blogging, at least for German-speaking countries. Furthermore, among others his multiple Web-activities include journalistic impact (cf. "Rollberg News" or "Neuköllner Merkur") as well as technological resp. IT-centered research fields (cf. "Pythonmania.de" resp. Frontier and Radio UserLand-hints), cross-cultural skurrilities (cf. "Nigeria-Connection") or kynological themes (cf. "Zebu").
Apart from that, Jörg Kantel since 1994 is head of the Computer Department at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin.

»Turn Your Radio On« or »Tweaking and Tuning Your Weblog for the Future«
Tools are to serve as »the purpose for which they were developed«. But tools are as a rule more general than the purpose they are made for. And the »accumulated experience by working with these tools produces more knowledge about realizable possibilities and about the connections between goals and methods among different realizations«(Damerow/Lefèvre). This is true also for weblog tools. In many of them, foundations for the semantic web are included as well as possibilities which make the tool well suited for things which go much beyond making weblogs as we know them.
My talk will examine, what is the potential of weblog software, what is in it from the beginning, and which further possibilities, that we are not thinking about at the moment can be realized with weblog software. I especially want to show, what potential was in Manila (and later Radio UserLand). Their possibilities were hardly used - the fate of »early adaptors«? Later I will talk about newer open source developments like Zope and the advanced possibilities which are implicitly in it. In this process I will investigate whether the web is really a »writing environment« (Dave Winer) or not. And if yes, which tools are neccessary for it and how they fit into the weblog software of today.
Therefore my talk will be both a historical talk and a talk about the possibilities of the future.

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