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Nico Lumma

Nico Lumma Nico Lumma is with the company "orangemedia.de GmbH" in Hamburg.
He is one of the linchpins of the known Weblog-environment "blogg.de".
He runs his own Weblog named "lummaland".

The German Blogosphere - some facts and figures
Germany still doesn't have a larger blog community. In this talk I want to show some statistical analysis about the German blogosphere, where we can see how blogging in Germany develops. Blogg.de has been collecting data for more than half a year now and I can therefore give a view of the german blogs as a whole. Currently we are counting roughly 8000 blogs from German speaking countries, which is a lot lower than anywhere else in Western Europe. The questions I want to raise are: Why is the development in Germany different from the rest of Europe? Does the late start in Germany lead to different usage types? Blogging is just getting more and more popular in Germany, therefore I will address many more issues that will appear in the months before BlogTalk.

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