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Juan J. Merelo / Fernando Tricas / (Beatriz Prieto)

Blogosphere community formation, structure and visualization
Even as social networks have become fashionable over the last few years, the emphasis has been on "artificial" social networks (like Orkut, where you explicit your links) over "natural" social networks (i. e., those underlying the blogosphere, globally or regionally).
Blog readers and writers form communities, and there are several tools that allow to visualize them. By mapping a set of the blogosphere at different intervals in time, a picture of its evolution can be also drawn. And, finally, by looking closely at each community and its evolution, some conclusions can be drawn on what is the feature that defines such community.
In this presentation, we will show which tools are available to find and map weblog communities, the evolution of how selected communities, and what conclusions we draw from it. In particular, we will present a neural-network based tool called Kohonen's map, which we have introduced for mapping and representing weblog communities.

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