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Peter Praschl

Peter PraschlPeter Praschl was born in 1959 in Linz/Austria. He was working as a journalist for the magazines "Wiener" (1985-87) and "Stern" (1987-95). Since 1995 he is working as a journalist for "Amica". In 1999 he founded the e-zine "SOFA").
Weblog: "sofa.rites de passage"

After midnight. Weblogs and jam sessions
Weblogs have been compared to almost everything. Journalism, diaries, literary salons, grassroot communities, wanking, whatever.  I will try to explore another metaphor: weblogs are similar to jam sessions. Webloggers behave like bebop musicians meeting after regular hours in their own clubs, jamming for each other and for a public with a special expertise; are improvising on "standards" while pushing their limits; often define themselves as some kind of elite, avantgarde movement; are always in danger of being integrated by corporate standards; and are, almost accidentally, creating a whole new kind of writing.
By testing the metaphor of the jam session I hope to provide some insights into how and why weblogs work and to explain why weblogs are NOT a new amateurish version of journalism (nor the diaries of the internet era).

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