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Michael SchusterMichael Schuster is working for Knallgrau New Media Solutions, a Vienna based Weblog Solution Provider. In 2003 they launched twoday.net, a commercial Hosting Service. His research interests include Network Theory, Social Networks, Social Aspects of Information Technology, Content Management, e-Learning, Semantic Web, Semantic Technologies and Weblogs in Business. He is currently finishing his studies at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and the Vienna Technical University.

Using Weblogs as Project Management Tools in innovative projects
Since the development of Weblog Software back in the 90ies, people always searched for applications in a business context. Pyra was working on Project Management Software, when they released Blogger.com, a tool they used to work together within their company. Various Bloggers dealing with Knowledge Management praise Weblogs as a new, informal way of capturing knowledge within projects of firms. And lately different projects started, aiming to demonstrate the use of Weblogs as a project management tool.
In the academic world, especially for social sciences, the term of a Research Diary is well known. It describes a written Diary, used throughout a research project, trying to help the researcher to capture his memes and keep track of the development of the study. Weblogs seem to describe exactly the same concept, only in a electronic way. One big difference is the exposure of thoughts in a very early stage, but people seem to appreciate the (in most cases valuable) feedback they get from the community.
This paper aims to present the results of an innovative project at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, where 23 students used Weblogs as a project management tool in a research project. Apart from some more qualitative findings, the goal is to describe the behaviour and the use of Weblogs through usage statistics and empirical analysis.


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